Video Hantu Penampakan setan

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What The Hell

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All Free For You

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Well the truth is, back then getting one's picture taken was very expensive, so it was often only done at the end of a person's life, as a way to remember what they looked like . I don't know about saving the souls. What do you suppose happened to the lady who died in the 1820's? Her dress is pulled up and her face is contorted in a painful expression, with her eyes wide open. She almost looks alive! I can't believe that nearly 200 years have passed since her death!!
It is possible that she was not actually dead when they buried her, that she died with that open-eyed expression when she panicked and struggled to get out of the darkness of the coffin.

That is really interesting...makes you wonder how that happens
Very intriguing and really makes you think about life and death.

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