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What The Hell

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was the ghost trying to steal that car?.......Godamn spirt car jackers always trying to get at my car. think it's real cause the person is walking way too smoothly plus she/he just fades away and doesn't duck to get into the car or anything. But it's hard to tell with just one angle.

Actually this is an easy 2 minute video editing trick. Search google for split screen video editing mod add-ons. Get the one with faded split, so when you walk from one side of the screen to the other you fade out- simple. this is a parapsychology........this explains how these things happen....paranormal....and it's true...but it depends! if you believe that there's power, spirits, elements, etc. you will appreciate these things,and you must first believe in GOD. he is on the top.

The car is empty. The ghost is real. There's no freaking way you can do that with a flashlight. Look at how it gently disappears; you cannot do that with light. And if you still think that was a flashlight, then how the hell do you get a dark spot on the top of the ghost (whatever it is, hair or not) with a flashlight?
Geez, people are so eager to debunk things with lame explanations nowadays; watch out, you may end up blaming real things on the old silly "shadow trick" bullshit.

Watch the movie of Gendruwo. Video setan Gendrowo is ghost of sex the satan very like making love many wife in Indonesia

Wach the movie and Gendruwo ghost come to your life.

ne another gendruwo ghost photos collection. this is very scary although i don’t know exactly what kind of ghost is it? i also can not determine is that real or not, all the image above is blur, may be if there is a paranormal who can helpme can describe the reality of the ghost. the paranormal also can determine the kinds of the ghost at the image above. thats look like a gendruwo ghost is not it?

I dont know what is that, is thet the real ghost or just a human, that is one of the appearance of a man with full dark and black head. that look like a stone, but who know the reality? but some think. he image above is one of gendruwo ghost photos collection, the image marked in red in the left of the photo is the gendruwo ghost. may be the size of the image make this photo not so perfect enough

look at the black shadow behind the man, thats seem like a black huge money, thet is the gendruwo ghost which usualy live in a big tree. and he image above shown the gendruwo ghost are standing on the...

i really do not know what it means, but look at the woman with long hair behind the people, thet seem to be kuntilanak ghost is not it? is that real? i do not know, because it is impossible for the ghost to be appear in the evening and it is impossible for kuntilanak ghost appear in the busy place as show in the picture above


In this picture, we can find two ghost appear in the same time. the first ghost is the light ghost, as you can see. and the second is the kuntilanak ghost. can you see some one behind the light, that is the ghost. that is the kuntilanak ghost.This is one another ghost which is not real. Although this ghost is looking like kuntilanak ghost, this ghost is really laying. dont you think that ghost will never appear in the evening? This is one of my wonderfullk indonesian ghost photos collection.

Ghost River Pottery is a small, home based studio nestled in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains of southern Alberta. About one hour east of Banff or one hour west of Calgary you can find my studio along the shore of the Ghost River in the Summer Village of Waiparous. Being surrounded by trees, hills, water, and wide open fields that reach toward the majestic mountains has made a strong impact on the style of work that comes out of this studio. Deer and horses are a daily site, but occasionally, if you’re lucky you’ll see a herd of elk down the road or perhaps a black bear in the summer.

hantu air terjun

Ghost River Pottery is the culmination of one person’s desire to stay connected with the creative process and the basics of life. It’s been a way to stay grounded through the complexities of raising kids and keeping a family cohesive.

Terowongan Casablanca is an underpass in South Jakarta. Based on the police report many accident has happened in the underpass. There is an urban legend that this area is haunted by a spirit of a high school student who died on the 70s because she failed to do abortion. The story is based on this legend.


Terowongan Casablanca. After making Astari pregnant, Refa go study abroad. When one day he meet Astari, Refa plan to abort the baby. In the process of the abortion, Astari wakes up and fights. Astari runs away with her baby still a half out from between her legs. Rafa panics, he kill Astari and the baby, bury them in an empty land next his apartment. Rafa doesn't know that Astri's body already taken by kuntilanak, and Astari is also become kuntilanak.

Hantu orang
Two big features appear on the window behind these young people. One of the media is by mirror or transparent device, like this picture. Maybe Gendruwo is satan incubus setan sex

It’s only two men as the object when the picture is taken. It means the man in the left side is a ghost’s appearance. Notice that this mysterious one has no shadow like the others. The shadow of darkness Satan come to Jakarta City. Town of Indonesia Satan

foto hantu

Foto hantu is very darkness.

islam islamic quran kuran jin shaytan satan ghost possession possessed muslim shaykh imam
jin muslim

Satan has come to the mosque the genie of Islam. Many priest of Islam teach the satan for Muslim.

the girl's dad: 'i know what i should do, lock my daughteri n the toilet at 3 am and have her pretend she is a ghost'... what fun (y).. the first time i watch this i got shooke a lil hmmI'm completely convinced that this is fake. I would shit out of every orifice in my body, however, if I saw something like that. gosts are reall plz beleve me i've had strang inconters it's not funny infact it's the most scary thing to ever happen to me

in all the ghost footage that i have seen, the ghost never manifests itself more than once and for more than 2 seconds if you look closely and hit pause the second time when he opens the door... the so called ghost girl looks like a funny lookin doll! creepy funny lookin tiny hands ... and a really bad hair day :D

It was probably staged, it looks very much likely, as aforementioned, the girl could looked like she was wearing some sort of long jumper type thing, great gimick, plus the camera has an elaborate effect to it so it can slightly distort the girl's identity giving u the sense thawt it's very freaky
The more I see this video, the more fake it seems.
1) Each time the camera records her, she's always in a stationary position.
2) The way her arms are outstretched seems unnatural, like she's a prop or mannequin.
3) Notice how he opens the door, closes it, pans away from the door, and then goes back to the door. Why would he do that? So his friend can pose the doll between each shot? I believe in the possibility of ghosts, I just don't think they are very photogenic.

I'd run out of my house house screaming bloody-murder if that happened to me.

This video of setan kuntilanak the satan like the girls, but the kuntilanak white is the ghost. hantu kuntilanak is ghost woman of darkness. The girls scary and look kuntilanak, watch the vidio hantu and kuntilanak come to your live tonite.

This the ghost kuntilanak again i don't no. how the kuntilanak come to home. why kuntilanak dress white not red or blue?


Does the boy realize there is a mysterious hand touches his arm? Will you guess, it belongs to boy or girl? the hand of setan gendruwo.


Gendruwo is setan of sex or hell sexual darkness the satan or ghost in Indonesia the name is setan, setan like girls wife, husband work and the satan come to wife like the husband.

Many people call the ghost kuntilanak, and the kuntilanak like school. This from high schooll. Many student kerasukan (exorcism) kuntilanak and theacher call kyai (priest of muslim) for out the satan or setan kuntilanak.
Would you believe me that there’s an appearance in this photo? If it wasn’t, the boys and the girls wouldn’t smile so sweet like this while the picture is taken. The photos from gosip high school darkness to satan.

This person Danny Baskara Putra and kuntilanak is he girlfriend. tito yeung, and rudy lim wichgraft of satan dukun, guna - guna, black magic of kuntilanak.


It’s a woman ghost’s appearance. It’s the truth because my friend told me that there should be no woman when the picture is taken. this hosx of the month. satan bless you all. penampakan setan is good.

Hantu kuntilanak from sctv television station from Indonesia, look the kuntilanak dance with people of darkness very scary.


I got this email from my friend’s friend. Pay attention to the pictures and you will find that there was Two Kuntilanak ghosts appeared in the commercial break of one of TV station. The Production House said that there should be no 2 dancers in the right and left corner. Yet this appearance is realized after the commercial break broadcasted for many times.

This penampakan kuntilanak, very occult from jakarta ghost call the priest for ecorcism this ghost and look. Can you use the satan kuntilanak for love you girls, black magic spell pelet.

In my opinion, both Pocong and Kuntilanak are the scariest ghosts in Indonesia. Which one for you? However, this picture shows us how Kuntilanak looks like. It is very clear that she has a very long hair. Can’t you notice that?

Call the satan is hantu kuntilanak from indonesia country this ghost in Bathroom is one of cozy place for ghosts. No wonder if she appears in this dark bathroom. Take a look at his messy hair. Don’t forget to clean your bathroom routinely, or she likes to stay here, doesn’t she?
This penampakan hantu wait and see to wc and ghost come. Speel the name of setan

In the two centuries of their known existence the Knights Templar served under twenty-three Grand Masters. It is Jacques DeMolay the twenty-third and last Grand Master however, whom is best know.

Little is known of Jacques DeMolay's childhood, except that he was born in the year 1244 in an area called Vitrey, Department of Haute Saone, France. but what is known is that in 1265 at the age of twenty-one, he joined the Knights Templar. The Knights Templar were an organization sanctioned by the Roman Catholic Church in 1128 to guard the road between Jerusalem and Acre, an important port city on the Mediterranean Sea. The Order of Knights Templar participated in the Crusades and earned a name for valor and heroism.

Like many that sought out the Order of the Temple, Jacques DeMolay joined seeking the thrill of battle with the infidel. In his later years he reflected on how he and his fellow knights silently grumbled about then Grand Master William of Beaujeu and his pacific attitude towards the Mamlukes who at that time occupied the Holy Land. It seemed that the young Templars were not found of King Edward's truce with the enemy, for it did little to add their blood to the Templar's swords.

Jacques DeMolay as Grand Master of the Knights Templar. Jacques DeMolay rose through the ranks quickly and spent a great deal of time in Britain. He was first appointed the position of Visitor General and latterly to the post of Grand Preceptor of all England.

On the death of the 22nd Grand Master, Theobald Gaudin, Jacques DeMolay was named Grand Master of the Knights Templar, a position of power and prestige. As Grand Master however, Jacques DeMolay was also in a difficult position. The Crusades were not achieving their goals. The non-Christian Saracens defeated the Crusaders in battle and captured many vital cities and posts. The Knights Templar and the Hospitalers (another Order of Knights) were the only groups remaining to confront the Saracens. Almost immediately Jacques DeMolay moved from England to the island of Cyprus, so that the Knights Templar could reorganize and regain their strength while waiting for the general public to rise up in support of another Crusade. It would be on the island of Cyprus that Jacques DeMolay would remain until Philip IV and Clement V summoned him to France in the autumn of 1307.

Philip the Friar Instead of public support, however, the Knights attracted the attention of powerful lords, who were interested in obtaining their wealth and power.

In 1305, Philip the Fair, King of France, set about to obtain control of the Knights Templars. They had been accountable only to the Church. To prevent a rise in the power of the Church, and to increase his own wealth, Philip set out to take over the Knights. The year 1307 saw the beginning of the persecution of the Knights. Jacques DeMolay, along with hundreds of others, were seized and thrown into dungeons. For seven years, Jacques DeMolay and the Knights suffered torture and inhuman conditions. The inquisitors would go to any means to extract the confessions that would damn the order in the eyes of the people and the Catholic Church While the Knights did not end, Philip managed to force Pope Clement to condemn the Templars. Their wealth and property were confiscated and given to Philip's supporters.

During years of torture, Jacques DeMolay continued to be loyal to his friends and Knights. He refused to disclose the location of the funds of the Order and he refused to betray his comrades. On March 18, 1314, DeMolay was tried by a special court. As evidence, the court depended on a forged confession, allegedly signed by Jacques DeMolay. He disavowed the forged confession. Under the laws of the time, the disavowal of a confession was punishable by death. Another Knight, Guy of Auvergne, likewise disavowed his confession and stood with Jacques DeMolay.

Staind Glass window representing the last moments on Jacques DeMolay's life. King Philip ordered them both to be burned at the stake that day, Jacques DeMolay was then taken to an island on the Siene and burned along with Guy of Auvergne the Preceptor of Normandy. There are many accounts of Jacques DeMolay's dying words, but the one of the foremost Templar scholars records them as follows:

"It is just that, in so terrible a day, and in the last moments of my life, I should discover all the iniquity of falsehood, and make the truth triumph. I declare, then, in the face of heaven and earth, and acknowledge, though to my eternal shame, that I have committed the greatest crimes but it has been the acknowledging of those which have been so foully charged on the order. I attest - and truth obliges me to attest - that it is innocent! I made the contrary declaration only to suspend the excessive pains of torture, and to mollify those who made me endure them. I know the punishments which have been inflicted on all the knights who had the courage to revoke a similar confession; but the dreadful spectacle which is presented to me is not able to make me confirm one lie by another. The life offered me on such infamous terms I abandon without regret."

The execution of Jacques DeMolay Reports say they were slowly roasted over a hot, smokeless fire prolonging their agony as their flesh slowly cooked and blackened. Jacques DeMolay insisted that his hands were not to be bound so that he could pray in his final moments and before he died he cursed both Philip and Pope Clement, summoning both of them to appear before God, the supreme judge, before the year was out. His last words were, "Let evil swiftly befall those who have wrongly condemned us - God will avenge us." Guy of Advernge is reported to have added, "I shall follow the way of my master as a martyr you have killed him. You have done and know not. God willing, on this day, I shall die in the Order like him."

The chilling irony of the conclusion of this story is that Jacques DeMolay's final words did, in fact, come true. Pope Clement V died only a month later on April 20th (he is suspected of having cancer of the bowel) and Philip IV was killed while on a hunting trip on November 29th 1314. True to the claim both men did indeed die within the year of Jacques DeMolay's

Click the photos for zoom.

A Nudibranch. Check out the stalks for eyes and the 'flower' on it's ass.

These pictures are featured courtesy of Ariel, the Little Mermaid aka Chloe Chin. She's hot, lives to dive and enjoys her duck comfit. I thought I'd share these pictures with you as I'm not a diver so I find these sea creatures out of this world! Now we know where Industrial Light and Magic and Stan Winston Studios get their inspirations!

Ikan hantu, ikan setan

Box Fish

These pictures were taken a week ago in the Lembeh Strait, North Sulawesi off the coast of Bitung . The sea itself is dirty with garbage, junk and gunk from fishing boats BUT this has created an ecosystem at the sea bed that supports life forms worthy of a Mos Eisley cantina! Although these are little buggers (some smaller than a grain of rice) some of them are poisonous.

Boxer Shrimp

Devil Stinger (side profile)

Devil Stinger (front view)


Who left their shaggy dog at the bottom of the ocean??? - A Hairy Frog Fish

Two Nudibranches

A lone Nudibranch

Ornate Ghost Pipefish

I hope she doesn't read this but I think Ariel's pictures are cool (she'll never let me hear the end of it). Not bad for a hot number cruncher.

As you can see, the sea may be shit but with moments like this it more than makes up from getting fish bones tangled up in your hair.

Porcupine Fish


Getting to Lembeh

Thai Buddha Amulet Takrut Sakyant Demonstration(18+) 泰国护身符表演

Honesty is a virtue that is preached by all religions. Whether it is Khmer black magic or not honesty should be practiced.

Ajahn Yut from Ayutthaya. Came to Melaka & KL on invitation by Wat Phra Buddha Jinaraja, Melaka, Chief Monk.

I like this one very much.
Thank you for sharing!
Buddha Bless you!!!

Ya in thailand in his own area he is known as Khurba Somchai as he is in the same sect as Khurba Kritsana(butterfly), as I was told by some monks. But he is addressed in thailand and malaysia as archan somchai, Lp somchai and also as khurba somchai.

ts completely wrong way of buddhist life... Idon't now why buddhist monks are using these dirty ways to inspire people. Buddha doesn't allow monks to perform such activities... at all... if he performs then is not a monk according to buddhist text.

Many viewers have claimed that they can replicate the stunt. However I think its time that a video is shared by the skeptics where the stunt is performed by themselves. 泰国护身符

Ghost, satan photos in November. Click the picture satan for review the foto

Every month mediasatan post the satan picture.