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What The Hell

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All Free For You

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高明啟:張國榮是大牌明星中少數的肯提攜新人的明星。舉一個例子 。電影《倩女幽魂》不僅是他的經典,也成就了一代女鬼王祖賢。但 很少有人知道,小倩最開始定的並不是王祖賢,而是張學友的太太羅美薇, 但張國榮在看到王祖賢後,覺得她比羅美薇更適合小倩,不惜得罪張學友,自願降片酬,也 向導演擔保王祖賢。 of all the MVs, clips, KTV versions of this song, this is by far the most romantic and most pleasing for my eyes (actors wise). :P 好的電影有很多,但能給人深深記下的不多

i remember years a go reading an article "100 greatest chinese movies of all time". 3 of leslie's cheung movies were in the top 5. "a better tomorrow", "days of being wild" and "farewell to my concubine". "my concubine" is #1 on the list. this "chinese ghost story" were number #7 or #8. this man is something larger than life

This song is so beautiful and sad at the same time! This film always make me cry! Leslie Cheung was a great actor! R.I.P.

what a song. james wong is a legend.
such a beautiful song. such romantic and perfect lyrics.
leslie and joey - perfect.
thank you tsui hark and james wong!

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