Video Hantu Penampakan setan

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What The Hell

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All Free For You

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was the ghost trying to steal that car?.......Godamn spirt car jackers always trying to get at my car. think it's real cause the person is walking way too smoothly plus she/he just fades away and doesn't duck to get into the car or anything. But it's hard to tell with just one angle.

Actually this is an easy 2 minute video editing trick. Search google for split screen video editing mod add-ons. Get the one with faded split, so when you walk from one side of the screen to the other you fade out- simple. this is a parapsychology........this explains how these things happen....paranormal....and it's true...but it depends! if you believe that there's power, spirits, elements, etc. you will appreciate these things,and you must first believe in GOD. he is on the top.

The car is empty. The ghost is real. There's no freaking way you can do that with a flashlight. Look at how it gently disappears; you cannot do that with light. And if you still think that was a flashlight, then how the hell do you get a dark spot on the top of the ghost (whatever it is, hair or not) with a flashlight?
Geez, people are so eager to debunk things with lame explanations nowadays; watch out, you may end up blaming real things on the old silly "shadow trick" bullshit.

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