Video Hantu Penampakan setan

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What The Hell

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All Free For You

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Dont ask what that sound man?That is your mother laughing and screaming taking double giant cocks to her pussy and asshole,you stupid son of the bitch!!!dont play with spirits ..

this happened in singapore right?

they can use handpone for sound and the poontianak they can make out of cloth and inside hv leaves

especially about that full moon thing its psychology, when people say full it means ghosts or souls come out or something.. they want to imply that..

oke this is what i think.
when the camera looks up to the moon they gave the other boys a sign to put on the sound of screaming and then when the camera looked away they puted a piece of something white like cartonbox or wood cause if you look good it's 2d.
i believe in ghosts i've allready experienced that. but there is an explenaition with the most of all footage and stills people make.

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