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What The Hell

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All Free For You

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The picture of the woman was taken at night in a section of the front courtyard... there isn't a statue in that area.

This is a picture of what appears to be smeared light but the camera was not being moved.

I have also included a picture of an orb... it is very large and bright. There was a picture taken immediately after this one and it did not include the orb. (this is not the moon)

There is also a picture containing many orbs that was snapped the instant that the cat jumped off of the fence post and ran off in a hurry.

In brief, these photos were taken a week before hurricane Katrina hit the New Orleans area. My friends and I had just taken the 8pm ghost tour , and I went outside in the dark to photo the outside of the house. The weather conditions as I remember were clear and warm. The two photo's I'm submitting a show what I believe to be 2 ghostly figures looking out the window on the porch, with a huge orb in front. There were no lights on in the room.

The other pic is of ghostly mist, lots of orbs...and if you zoom into the upper left of the pic...there appears to be what looks like a small child crouched on the roof outside the second story window. I only had a 2 pixel camera, so unfortunately it isn't as clear as id like it to be.

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