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What The Hell

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All Free For You

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Hantu pocong in hospital persahabatan jakarta, young and dangerous.

A boy name Rudy Lim his love Danny Baskara Putra but Danny not gay. Now Rudy making love with Tito Young, kangzen - kenko brother Mr. Andrew Ho is guru master of satan in ubsuncosius mind power.

In Satanic Church  Indonesia, the church of satan in city manado. The Group mou - mou and children of god use the skull for lucifer, belial, and astoreth.

The church that was made from the skull really that was very very frightening, bayngkan when you were praying but you were in and around the human skull what you kerjakan. whether you would be able to the prayer calmly? The church was made from human bones? Sipa that had the idea like that yes.

Exorcism man in bali his name Leak, dangerous satan and black magic.

Not for all tastes, "Mystics in Bali" (also known as "Leák" in its native Indonesia) is an entertaining "outsider" movie. By our highbrow western world standards, it's a bad movie -- but it's a good bad movie, if you know what I mean. It has all the charm of a cheesy Italian zombie film. Just none of the gore. It also boasts an extremely memorable flying severed heads, with lungs and other organs hanging from its neck.

When I generally think of Indonesia, I usually just envision Islamists rioting in the streets because of one U.S. atrocity or another. I never thought that a society with so much religious zeal could ever produce a piece of motion picture sleaze. But they're doing it -- or at least they were doing it in the early 1980s -- and "Mystics in Bali" is proof.

From Indonesia Legend of Nyi Roro Kidul, ratu pantai selatan. Astoreth girls.

A spritual man, juru kunci. In hotel sea of kidul

This video hantu real story video movie look this and you believe it 

Very scary movie.

If we want to travel should pray first, because the spirit of misfortune often detain people for each trip through menghancurkannya fatal accident, see ... how senangnya the devil are located near the car accident.

In 1963 when Danny was 19 years old, working as an aircraft crew, he accidentally photographs clouds outside the window and the aircraft when it printed a view of the phenomena of the devil.


Riot is how the devil to hurt people, so that the human experience disappointment to God, but we must be aware that our home is not here but in heaven.

Oh My God This Ghost from Indonesia call name is sundel bolong, satan child in river.

hantu indonesia

actually i can not differ between kuntilanak ghost and sundel bolong, because they are both same, and jut is sundelbolong ghost the is a hole in the sundel bolong stomatch. and from the legend of the sundel bolong i also dont really know. may be if you know more about sundel bolong ghost you can tell it to me.

kuntilanak di sekolah

wow this is so scary is not it? this is look like kuntilanak ghost, but it is in a different type, this ghost is younger then kuntilanak or sundel bolong ghost. usually when we watch horror movies it often have the same story as a ghost who life in a school. the ghost was one of the student who died several years ago and it have been being as a ghost and scariying the students.

Download Video Exorcism The Emily Rose, original version with belial of lucifer friend just click the link for download the movie :

Download link:

Silahkan klik link di atas untuk download video kerasukan raja setan belial atau dajjal. Pendeta saja tidak bisa membebaskan orang yang kerasukan

anak setan

This is one more ghost in the school. i really do not believed with this ghost, this is a laying, this is not true, for foreign people it may scary, but for indonesian people this is not so familiar, this is just a bad boy with mentally illness, he need a medical treatment, he need to bring to the hospital. especially for stressed.

Kuntilanak Di dalam Kelas

look at the black object behind the girl. Is that the real ghost? No it is a fake ghost. I can prove because of the environment. Firstly it is impossible for the ghost to be appearing in the morning in strong light as it is captured in the picture. That is the real human who wear a black costume. That is not a ghost. That is a fake 

setan air terjun

This is really bad ghost photos collection. in this image i want to show you about image editor ghost photos, in this image you can see thet there is a face of ghost captured by camera in the waterfall. this is not real, its just look like the movie scene but its very bad.

hantu tempat tidur

One another ghost picture that i found, this is oneof the most scary ghost picture in the world.Lord Combermere was run over and killed by a horse-drawn carriage in 1891. look at the picture above. During the lord's funeral a photographer took this picture of the lord's manor library. that so scary is not it? Sitting in the lord's favourite chair can be seen an arm and a head - according to the manor staff bearing a chilling resememblance to the late lord. do not remind about it or you will be scary forever.

Do you remember to December, 26th 2004 tragedy? This photo was taken by camera phone in tsunami victims’ mass grave in Lampeuneuneut, Banda Aceh. When the corpses have been buried, there was a shadow appeared behind the people.

hantu aceh

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This is the image in the grave nature Aceh.

Wawww dangers the satan burn house, so becaufle. Do Believe ???

setan api hantu api

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Catastrophe such as electrical short circuit / fire, etc. can be caused by Satan (the spirit of misfortune) that's why we need to pray before bed, see a fire from a house fire this.

Evil Spirit in the air, ghost, satan, angel. In memorial history i don't now this hoax or no.

roh jahat di udara

Ada yang bilang malaikat ada juga yang bilang roh jahat di udara ada juga yang bilang hoax.

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Ephesians 6:12 because our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against governments, against the rulers of the authorities, against the courts, courts of this dark world, against evil spirits in the air.

Really scary  photo ghost, mom please help the baby. In the world baby many crying maybe because the ghost or satan come.

baby with ghost

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Have you ever have a baby without a tiba2 crying as hard and as fear, is the fact that page views a baby, there is the devil coming, because its spirit is sensitive baby once, but I think that I just know. Bentengi baby with your prayers.

Photographer Mike Veleri Get thought the head a good shot of cloudy sunset over pandanaram harbour. Reader of standart times of new Bedford saw something more heavenly. Laura Mose calute to congrolate Valeri for capturing the Angel an floating in the clouds. Look ok ;)

new bedford hantu atau setan

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Some statues idolatrous property of the church of God when burned, see apinya form a dragon, since that time many miracles of God occur stairs into the home page, one of them is her husband who was deaf 15 years experience healing from God.

Look the fire is the satan, ghost, evil spirit or god ? Buddha in the fire. Burn The ghost to hell yeah.

satan in fire

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Some statues idolatrous property of the church of God when burned, see apinya form a dragon, since that time many miracles of God occur stairs into the home page, one of them is her husband who was deaf 15 years experience healing from God.

A Church 1997, look Angel and Yeshua. Like human, but this not human do you believe Angel with wings and Yeshua face at church Indonesia.

malaikat dan yesua

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A church that burned the period in 1967, when it is the image of the church over there with an angel of God who are flying and see the face of Yeshua among coconut tree foliage.

Satan in home jemaat christian, a priest prayer but ? look in the window Satan Head Gorilla. i don't know, u know?

satan goriilla

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House of a church that sanctified, so that freed from the power of darkness, the devil here see the shape of the head (such as the gorilla) facing upwards.